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Final Submission

This is a final submission of my Faculty Learning College Portfolio Plan for the period of 09 May 2007 (first submission) to 12 January 2012 (final submission). Download entire final FLCP report here: FLCP Final Submission

Plan Overview/Abstract 
I have four major steps in my plan:
1) stay industry current by working with local IT industry leaders,
2) to better define my teaching philosophy and implement it in the learning,
3) articulate personal and professional development via portfolio, and,
4) to get a Master of Education for College Educators and Leaders from UPEI.

  • Goal #1   ( 1 Article )

    1) Occupational/Professional Currency: Stay industry current by working with local Information Technology industry leaders by continuing to run my multimedia business, d’EntreMont Design. [Goal met]

  • Goal #2   ( 1 Article )

    2) Organizational Currency & Teaching/Facilitating Learning Currency: To better define my teaching philosophy and implement it in the learning by being an active member of the new NSCC Burridge Campus Community Service Learning Committee. [Goal met]

  • Goal #3   ( 1 Article )

    3) Portfolio Currency: Articulate personal and professional development via portfolio as I am doing today and will continue to do in the future. [Goal met]

  • Goal #4   ( 1 Article )

    4) Teaching/Facilitating Learning Currency: I have started the process of formal training at the university level (getting a degree), including documenting and researching my experiences. I have transferred 54 credits (of 90 needed) for a Bachelor of General studies and I am in the process of getting PLAR for several more courses. I have also completed three more courses I can transfer credits for. [Goal met with changes]

  • Extra Learning   ( 1 Article )

    I also kept track of all the learning I did during the time I spent on FLCP. Here is some extra learning, awards and bragging rights I picked up along the way...