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Learning Narratives

Capturing Significant Learning:

The biggest part of your journey is all the significant changes you have seen in yourself as a learner. Reflecting on where you were in the beginning and looking at where you are today to identify those significant learning moments you have experienced along the way. Reflection on your learning is a big piece of learning college portfolio and this handout provides questions to guide you through this process.

  • APPLES & ORANGES   ( 1 Article )

    The Applied Personal Portfolio Learning Education System (APPLES) can be applied to all programs of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) with little change in what we do already. This will replace ORANGES (the Obsolete Range And Numbers Graded Education System). The APPLE System of facilitating learning is governed by the Portfolio process and philosophy. Portfolio learning becomes the goal, the end product essentially replacing the diploma. You graduate with an NSCC Portfolio.

  • APPLES for ALL   ( 1 Article )

    Applied Personal Portfolio Learning Education System for All Life-long Learners (APPLES for ALL). If we want to be Canada’s Portfolio College, we have to be Canada’s Portfolio College. We will reinvent what education, work and learner life look like. We have to have a common goal for all stakeholders (educational institutions, employers and learners). We need to facilitate learner success at college, work and life, all sharing the same core values and strategic direction, or APPLE Core.