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Supervisor Letters

Here are the expected steps for you and yor Academic Chair:

Meet with your Academic Chair to discuss your interests and to determine possible areas of development. You should also discuss how currency areas and priorities as identified in the NSCC Strategic and Academic Plans, and School and Campus Plans will fit with your areas of interests for learning.

Complete and submit the Intent to Participate Form indicating your decision to participate in the process to Organizational Learning. The form is to be completed and submitted electronically. Upon submission, a copy will be sent to you and your Academic Chair. This form is available on this Share Point site.

Continue to develop your plan in regular consultation with your Academic Chair. Prepare your learning plan submission package. This package must include the learning plan submission form and a letter of support from your Academic Chair. The submission form is available on this site.

Obtain approval for your proposed learning plan and a letter of support from your academic chair. Your chair is to will send your plan to your dean for approval.

  • Original Letter   ( 1 Article )

    Here is the original letter of support from Ron Kelly, Academic Chair Applied Arts & New Media and Business at NSCC Burridge Campus for FLCP for Marcel d'Entremont

  • Final Letter   ( 1 Article )

    Here is the final letter of support from Ron Kelly for FLCP Final Report for Marcel d'Entremont