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Learning Plan

The Faculty Learning College Portfolio is a voluntary learning activity. All faculty with regular status are encouraged to embark on a five year learning opportunity, which begins with the development of a learning plan as a proposal for their five year learning journey. The completion of the plan will be marked by the sharing of the learning with various communities and demonstration of the learning through portfolio. Upon completion, all learners will receive a citation through a celebration and recognition of achievement. Those who qualify will receive ongoing monetary payment in recognition of their contributions as established in the collective agreement.

  • Original FLCP Plan

    The original FLCP Learning Plan was finalized on 09 May 2007 and approved on 20 August 2007. A bold learning plan involving four goals and a five year timeframe.

  • Updated FLCP Plan

    This is my updated FLCP Learning Plan and my FLCP Mid-term Report submitted 06 May 2009. I also presented it in person to the committee. I submitted APPLES & ORANGES as a mid-term learning narrative shortly after our face to face interview.

  • Final FLCP Plan

    Here is my Faculty Learning College Portfolio Learning Plan Final Submission.This is the culmination of my five year learning journey and the plans to continue learning moving forward. Presented to FLCP committee 12 January 2012.