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Feedback collected after the final presentation of my FLCP at NSCC IT Campus on 12 January 2012:

I received a small hand painted stone with a smiling face on it. It was left on my desk from someone I work with and included a little anonymous thank you note for the five years work I did on FLCP . It is the second such stone I receive.

Ron Kelly | Academic Chair - Business and Information Technology NSCC Burridge Campus
Hi Marcel; Congratulations on a wonderful presentation yesterday to the FLCP Committee. It was obvious that they were impressed and engaged with the presentation… as was I !!

Mary Thompson | Principal - NSCC Burridge Campus
Ron tells me that you were amazing yesterday at the presentation. I know that you have no word on the outcome yet but I am sure it will be positive. You are an exceptional instructor and we are very lucky to have you here with us.

Michelle Creelman | Learning Programs Coordinator - NSCC Organizational Learning
Hi Marcel; Congratulations on finishing your LCP! Please find attached your final submission feedback from the Faculty Learning College Portfolio Review Committee. Be sure to mark the date May 17th so you are able to attend a formal recognition and celebration of your learning at the Festival of Learning (Waterfront Campus). We hope you can join us!"

We would also like feedback on your LCP experience. Please complete the attached questionnaire and forward back to me.
Congratulations again,

Claudine Lowry | Dean - NSCC Organizational Learning
Marcel: Thank you for a very engaging presentation. Love the scribble and especially the message. I will pass on your e-mail to the other members of the committee who were equally engage with your presentation and the discussion.

Claudine Lowry | Dean - NSCC Organizational Learning
Dear Marcel, Congratulations! The Review Committee has approved your evidence of learning portfolio submission and sends their collective congratulations for your commitment to learning and the achievement of your goals. Please see their comments below.

This letter will serve to notify Employee Services that, effective January 1, 2012 you have met the Learning College Portfolio expectations outlined in the Faculty collective agreement. Provided that all other terms and conditions of the Learning College Portfolio as outlined in Section E of the Faculty Collective Agreement are met, Employee Services will process your monetary recognition.

To celebrate your dedication and hard work to remain current in your position, the organization and portfolio learning, NSCC would like to formally acknowledge you at the Festival of Learning. Here you will be formally recognized for your learning in LCP. Details regarding this event will be sent to you as we move closer to the date.

Review Committee feedback:
You are an extremely animated speaker and the committee thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your learning journey over the past five years. It is obvious that you see the importance of taking time to reflect on experiences and this was evident from your stated growth and learning in the report and your presentation. Your enthusiasm around your learning goals is contagious and the committee is so pleased that you found the FlCP process beneficial. It is obvious that you continuously strive for ways to engage student wholeheartedly in the learning experience and we could all learn from your dedication.

Throughout the presentation it became more and more apparent how much value you place on practical experiences for your students, from the work you are doing with the fire department to making your second year course a "business." Your drive to be a life long learner is evident as you continue to find ways to acquire new skills and knowledge that you can take back into your classroom. The committee loves that you take courses from NSCC so you can understand the content that your students are learning and to give you insight into your student's worlds!

We also liked the fact that you include your FLCP on your resume and that you consider it a credential. This further demonstrates your commitment to learning and acknowledgement that learning comes in all different forms and fashion.

Finally, all this learning has translated beautifully into your teaching practice, specifically your learning around reflective practice, service learning, and experiential education. It is obvious that you see the importance of these approaches and will continue to integrate them into your teaching practice.

Great job Marcel!!

Continue your investment in your learning! Consider the following:
  • Engage in opportunities to share your learning with your colleagues through events such as the Festival of Learning, CCEDP, FAPS.
  • Continue to seek opportunities to learn and practice your learning through College courses, initiatives and committees.
  • Become a mentor to your peers across NSCC who are interested in learning more about LCP.

All the best with your future learning,
Claudine Lowry
Chair, Learning College Portfolio Review Committee

The following are Learning College Portfolio Experience Questions & Answers:
1. What do you deem to be your biggest success during your journey? Why?
The completion of the entire FLCP plan. I had an ambitious plan having four goals, one for each currency area. I completed all four and was quite satisfied with myself in the fact that I did all this as a voluntary self-directed learning activity. What discipline and determination!

2. What have you learned about yourself as a result of this experience?
I learned that I am well organized, self-disciplined and definitely a life-long learner. I have a huge thirst for knowledge and have already started the next part of my learning journey… I am applying for a Master of Education for College Educators and Leaders form UPEI. I sent out the application today (24 January 2012)!

3. What is a word of advice you would give a colleague newly engaged in process?
Don’t start if you’re not committed. Make sure you know what you are getting into. To make the process easier, choose goals that you are interested in on a personal level, so you don’t get bored or disenfranchised over time… five years is a long time on the same project.

4. What words phrases would you use to describe your experience with LCP?
Formative. Exciting. Eye-opening. Opportunity. Life-long learning. Communicative. Rewarding… I’m trying to keep it positive, but it was also: long, hard at times, and puzzling at first.

5. What impact has this experience had on you?
Personally… it has empowered me to go on the next step, a M.Ed. I’ve proven to myself I can do it. It also makes me feel good about myself. Having been “forced” to document and reflect upon everything I did in the last five years, really put my learning and talents in perspective. We often don’t know what we know until we start looking and thinking about it. I see learning differently now.

In your work… it has re-defined my teaching strategy and forced me to think about learning more in line with NSCC strategic and academic plans. It probably makes my teaching more holistic, more rounded and better aligned with NSCC values and direction. It has provided me with networking opportunities I may never have had. It gave me the perfect excuse to re-evaluate and assess my learning over the course of my entire life, not just the last five years. It made me current… wait a minute… that is what I setout to do!

6. What was the most positive part of LCP for you?
I get a kick from sharing and presenting the knowledge or learning. I have done so at the campus level, at the college level and even at the union level. I had great experiences with all these ways of sharing the learning. I get all charged up for the presentations and it energizes me… I have now posted my FLCP online as a website and look forward to the feedback from my peers and others within the NSCC. I had great feedback from my family and friends… but I expected that. The most challenging presentation was at FAPSC last year. There were faculty who did not get “APPLES & ORANGES” and it was a challenge to convince faculty (especially trades where they have requirements from industry/government) that this new model of learning and assessment can work for all.

7. Would you be willing to share this feedback with others interested in LCP (on the SharePoint site or resources like handouts etc)? If you are willing to share your comments would you want to remain anonymous?
YES, Share away! That is the point of doing all this work. I have actually started to mentor another faculty. You can use my name and NSCC email.