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Master of Education for College Educators and Leaders | University of Prince-Edward-Island, PEI

UPEI Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Special cohort for College Educators! UPEI, in partnership with Holland College, is offering a Master of Education (M.Ed.) with a focus on College Leadership.

A special cohort for College Educators, Leaders and Aspiring Leaders.
Features of this special cohort:
  • 10 courses (5 online, 5 face-to-face in summer institutes in beautiful PEI).
  • All students in the cohort will be College educators, leaders and aspiring leaders.
  • Most instructors will be nationally recognized educational leaders with experience in university and college settings.
  • Program completion within 30 months.

Admission requirements:
  1. An undergraduate or graduate degree from an approved university with an average of 70% or higher in the last 20 courses (60 credit hours). An applicant who lacks a degree, or an applicant who possesses a degree with an academic average under 70%, may be considered for admission under exceptional circumstances. In such cases the Graduate Studies Committee must be satisfied that the student has the capacity to complete graduate work. This capacity could be demonstrated through extensive and relevant professional experiences, leadership, research and publications.
  2. At least two years of successful professional experience.

Bachelor of General Studies | Athabasca University, Athabasca Alberta

As a result of completing this program, students should be able to show familiarity with disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge sufficient to wield it with confidence and discrimination. Show insight into relationships among applicable theories and concepts as well as their connection to disciplinary practices and/or other disciplines. Use the tools, mechanisms and processes of critical thinking consciously and systematically. Produce organized and sound written work related to the discipline. Demonstrate understanding of and use logical argument in a conscious, systematic and productive way. Accurately integrate data, research and insights from other disciplines. Develop a practical and theoretical grasp of a body of knowledge related to topics of interest. Relate practice and/or lessons from the program to goals of the degree. Conduct independent research with some complexity and depth. So far I have credits in Science, Social Science, Arts, Administrative Studies and Applied Studies. I have completed two thirds of the degree, but stopped after I was accepted and started the M.Ed. above.


IT Systems Management/Networking | NSCC Burridge Campus, Yarmouth NS

The learners develop basic skills in computer applications and programming, systems analysis and design, data and information structures, as well as management information systems. Courses in Internetworking, UNIX, Windows, and LAN administration combined with hands-on experience build your knowledge of major operating systems and the ways in which they communicate with each other and allow users to function across them.

You also learn to design, manage, and document networks of varying sizes, and become familiar with many of the associated tools and applications. During the year, you have an opportunity to develop customized applications using state-of-the-art tools, and even provide end-user support for commonly used software. Throughout the concentration, you also develop effective communication skills required to be part of an IT team. I am missing one Networking credit to complete my fifth NSCC diploma.


Portfolio - Faculty Learning College Portfolio (FLCP) | Nova Scotia Community College

The Faculty Learning College Portfolio is a voluntary learning activity where participating Faculty embark on a five-year learning opportunity, which begins with the development of a learning plan as a proposal for their five-year learning journey.

Plan Overview/Abstract:
I have four major steps in my plan:
  1) stay industry current by working with local IT industry leaders,
  2) to better define my teaching philosophy and implement it in the learning,
  3) articulate personal and professional development via portfolio, and,
  4) to get a Bachelor of General Studies from Athabasca University


Diploma - Information Technology Web Development (Honours) | NSCC Burridge Campus, Yarmouth NS

NOTE: Declined Governor General Award in favour of second place; a young single mother.
As a Web Developer, you'll be joining one of the fastest growing career sectors in Canada. Public and private organizations of all sizes are looking for experts who can create, implement, support and manage their websites. Best of all, as this field keeps growing, it keeps changing - so your creativity and quest for knowledge will always be challenged. When you graduate, you'll be ready to start your career as a Web Developer, Web Application Developer or Website Designer.


Diploma - Community College Education Diploma Program (CCEDP) | NSCC Truro Campus, Truro NS

The Community College Education Diploma Program (CCEDP) is an intensive program designed to prepare individuals with professional and vocational expertise to undertake roles as adult educators and leaders in post-secondary education. The program provides an opportunity for focused study of a learning-centered approach to adult education theory and practice with colleagues from diverse programs and occupational and cultural backgrounds.

CCEDP combines innovative adult education and learning concepts with practical skill-based methods and techniques for working and teaching in a learning organization. While the program is designed to meet the needs of those preparing to undertake roles in support of adult education, the program plays a special role in preparing College staff to provide quality learning opportunities and services to our students and clients. As participants in CCEDP we demonstrate our commitment to our own lifelong learning and to creating an organizational culture in which learning can flourish.


Certificate - Certified Cisco Instructor (UNIX and Networking) | NSCC Burridge Campus, Yarmouth NS

The Cisco Networking Academy Program is unique in its approach to instructor training. Cisco has partnered with educational institutions around the world to provide the highest technical as well as pedagogical instruction for IT courses. There are many instructor level classes available through colleges, universities, or secondary schools known as Cisco Academy Training Centers (CATC) and Regional Academies. In addition to the high quality of training, the Academy Program provides additional mentoring through support relationships established between the instructor’s educational institution and a CATC or Regional Academy.

Various instructional aids such as an Instructor Guide, Lab Manuals, Chapter PowerPoint presentations, lab simulators, and other interactive tools are available to instructors at no cost when teaching in the program. Instructors must pass an appropriate instructor level training course given at a CATC or Regional Academy, as well as an Academy Orientation course before they are given access through the online system to teach the Academy curriculum to students. An instructor may only attend training through the Academy Program structure if their educational institution has signed up to be an Academy.


Diploma - Internet Systems Management and Support (Honours) | NSCC Burridge Campus, Yarmouth NS

This program would be accessed by graduates of College feeder programs. Its purpose is to train these candidates in the current and emerging Internet and Intranet technologies, to a level where they can apply these techniques and knowledge to a workplace. The graduate would be a practitioner of the current technologies available i.e. beyond ‘entry level’, and should therefore be in great demand.

The thrust of this program is ‘hands-on’ and will develop confidence in the applicants through the direct application of their prior learning. This program is two semesters in length. It is a Diploma Program. Candidates will be offered a placement in a related industry or business. The opportunity to apply their collected knowledge and skills should reinforce their confidence and serve to focus their interest for the duration of the program. Valuable contacts & experience can be gained to help with future employment.

The courses within this program will develop and enhance the skills we see as being in high demand within this field. The skills acquired in the feeder programs will be applied during this program and the candidates’ confidence increased through their application.


Diploma - Graphic Design (Honours, Valedictorian) | NSCC Annapolis Campus, Middleton NS

This program helps students develop the problem solving skills required to create and produce visual images for print and electronic media. Learning effective design practices will help graduates find employment in a wide range of graphic, illustration, and fine art careers. Projects in pre-press production and digital graphics are taught using the Macintosh computer environment. The learning emphasis is on practical projects that apply design theory, particularly on the techniques used in various desktop publishing programs. Career opportunities for graphic designers continue to grow as new technologies evolve. Graphic Designers can find work in any business where images are required, developed, produced or published.


Certificate - ACAP (Honours, Queen Elizabeth II Medal) | NSCC Annapolis Campus, Middleton NS

Applied Communication Arts Program (ACAP): This foundation level program is designed as an introduction to various disciplines within the visual communication field. Courses focus on verbal, written and visual literacy through a series of lectures and assignments that stress both theoretical and practical problem solving techniques. Exploration of different media is encouraged to help students achieve unique solutions which may exist beyond their own experience. Upon completion of this 10-month certificate program, students will have the prerequisite base for further specialized studies in the Photography, Graphic Design, Interactive Technology and other related diploma programs offered within the College system. Graduating students may choose to pursue employment opportunities at entry level positions in the communication industries.


Certificate - Computer Technology and Applications (Honours) | NSCC Burridge Campus, Yarmouth NS

The Nova Scotia Community College, Burridge Campus, implemented a seventeen week training program for those who were looking to gain experience and an understanding of current business computer applications. This seventeen week program included twelve weeks of computer training, one week of job readiness training and a four week job placement component. The following computer theory was covered: Computer Hardware, DOS, Windows ‘95/'98, MS Word for Windows, Microsoft Excel for Windows, Microsoft Access, Simply Accounting, Electronic Communications (Email / Internet).


Certificate - The Entrepreneur Training Program (Honours) | YMCA Enterprise Centre, Yarmouth NS

This was a 20 week entrepreneurship training program, covering topics such as research, marketing, advertising and general business development, with the main outcome being the development of a 30 page working business plan. This is the business plan I created and used to setup and run my businesses, Hairy Freaky Cartoons and d’EntreMont Design.


License - Fishing Master, Class IV (Captain) | Knights of Columbus Hall, West Pubnico NS

An applicant for a Fishing Master, Fourth Class certificate shall meet these requirements:

  1. Experience:
    Acquire at least 12 months of sea service performing deck duties on one or more fishing vessels that are 6 m or more in length, which service may include up to 6 months in an approved training program if the applicant has successfully completed that program.
  2. Certificates to be provided to the examiner:
       (a) MED with respect to basic safety;
       (b) Restricted Operator’s Certificate issued under the Radio-communication Act;
       (c) SEN limited; and
       (d) marine advanced first aid.
  3. Pass examinations:
       (a) Chart work and pilotage, level 1;
       (b) navigation safety, level 1;
       (c) ship construction and stability, level 1; and
       (d) oral examination on general seamanship, after meeting the other requirements.

Up to half the amount of an applicant’s sea service performing deck duties required by that item, excluding any service from an approved training program may include service on board one or more normal trading vessels of 6 m or more in length.


Certificate - Radiotelephone Operator | Knights of Columbus Hall, West Pubnico NS


High School Diploma | St.-Anne-du-Ruisseau Consolidated High School, Eel Brook NS


Certificate - Personal and Professional Development | Université Sainte-Anne, Church Point NS

Successfully completed 20 hours of personal and professional development



• Published cartoonist – from 1977 to 1978 and 1993 to 2000
• Certificate – Job Entry, Canadian Jobs Strategy, Employment and Immigration Canada (1994)
• Certificate of Registration – Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Copyright Office Title: Hairy Freaky; Nature: Artistic Cartoon
• Certificate of Registration – Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Copyright Office Title: Captain Jonny Beck; Nature: Artistic Cartoon
• Board of Directors – Radio CIFA
• Live Radio Show Host/Technician – Radio CIFA
• Recipient – Queen Elizabeth II Medal (1996)
• Valedictorian – NSCC Graphic Design (Class of 1997)
• Six time winner of Prix Barchette (local design awards for music CDs/cassettes)
• Recognized by Tourism NS as having most effective ad design in Doers and Dreamers Guide to NS
• Recognized as volunteer for exemplary service by Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos
• OH&S and WHMIS Certificates: 2001, 2007 & 2013
• Certificate of Accomplishment – NSCC Portfolio Development Course (2002)
• Certificate of Appreciation – 6th Annual Stroke for Stroke Whaler Races Fundraiser (2002)
• Appreciation Award – Skills Canada/Nova Scotia: Recognized for outstanding support at the African Nova Scotian Youth Project (2004)
• Certificate of Participation and Thank You Letter – Judge for Skills Canada/Nova Scotia (2004)
• Certificates – Two hour education sessions on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (2004 & 2010)
• Arrange and manage Community Service Learning Projects for non-profits and small local businesses (2004 to present)
• Certificate of Continuing Technical Education – Dalhousie University, XML: A Running Start (2006)
• Created, developed and managed MindSeed Design (website for NSCC Burridge Campus IT learners) 2004-2012
• Nominated for 2007 Tourism Atlantic Technology Award (recognized innovative and strategic use of technology benefiting business and the Tourism Industry as a whole.)
• Appreciation Award, Skills Canada – Young Women’s Conference (2008 to 2011)
• Letter of Appreciation – Ann Harrington, Paws4Kate website (raised over $1000 for Autism dog)
• First faculty to develop an online course for NSCC School of Applied Arts & New Media (2009)
• First faculty NSCC Burridge Campus to start and successfully complete Faculty Learning College Portfolio (2007-2012)
• Author APPLES & ORANGES (white paper on applied Portfolio learning and assessment - 2009)
• Letter of Appreciation – Thank you letter for being Peer Consultant (mentor) for new faculty (2009)
• Certificate of Appreciation – In recognition for valuable contributions as a presenter at Faculty and Professional Support Conference 2010
• Certificate of Participation – Ethics in the Workplace, Carmella Doucette-Deveau (2010)
• Developed/Managed YDC/NSCC Reverse Mentoring Partnership (2010-2011)
• Certificate of Appreciation – NSCC Burridge Campus Disability Services/Note Taker (2011)
• Nominated for an NSCC Teaching and Learning Excellence Award (2011)
• Numerous letters/emails of thank you and appreciation from my manager to the president of NSCC