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NSCC Faculty Learning College Portfolio Reflection:
Always in Transition...

I am a fully bilingual (English/French) experienced leader with a broad knowledge of education, business, applied arts and information technology.

I have been leading teams for decades and actively involved in managing a large business from 1988 to 1993. I have been actively involved in starting and running my own business and participating in applied arts and information technology projects for since 1994; from writing proposals for gaining funding for projects to setting strategic directions for clients and defining, developing, designing and implementing these projects.

I have been delivering training since 1997 and an NSCC faculty since 2001, designing creative and engaging methods, strategies and techniques for learners. I have been involved in the applied arts and mass-media industries since 1978.

I am working on a Bachelor of General Studies Degree and an NSCC IT Systems Management/Networking Diploma. I
currently hold four NSCC Diplomas, six Certificates, four Portfolios, one License and over 30 awards and accomplishments.

My work on FLCP has led me here… to the realization that I have to fastrack my plan of finishing my degree and go directly for
a Master of Education for College Educators and Leaders from the University of Prince-Edward Island.

Transition Update #1 (April 2012): I received my acceptance letter to the Master of Education (MEd) program from the
University of Prince Edward Island on April 10th! I will be taking the MEd for College Educators and Leaders and I can start
this spring/summer!

Transition Update #2 (May 2012): I received acknowledgement for successful completion of a five year learning journey
(FLCP) and recognition of my investment in lifelong learning and commitment to ensuring currency in my role at NSCC. It
was during the Festival of Learning event 17 May 2012 at NSCC Waterfront Campus. I was also asked to sit on an FLCP discussion panel at the Festival of Learning event for which I received a Festival of Learning coffee mug.

Transition Update #3 (June 2012): I worked on my first Masters course and spent a week at UPEI and Holland College last summer. The course was Issues in Educational Leadership. I enjoyed it and did very well. I have differed my program untill
July 2013 while I launch Applied Media & Communication Arts at NSCC Burridge Campus.

Transition Update #4 (June 2013): I have just successfully completed our first year of Applied Media & Communication Arts
here at NSCC Burridge Campus. I have booked my room and I am enrolled in two more Masters courses at UPEI and
Holland College this summer. I start July first. One course is on Educational Leadership and Change Management and the
other is on Research.

Transition Update #5 (July 2013): I have just successfully completed two more courses for my MEd, one; Educational Leadership in Community Colleges and two; Theories of Research and Learning in the Community College. It was a (trans)formative two weeks on the Island. Met some great people and was humbled by the experience. Can't wait for next
course online this September. Another this Winter and back to PEI next Summer.

Transition Update #6 (October 2013): Once again I have been blessed with good fortune. I have accepted a new position
within NSCC; Manager School of Fisheries. My office moves from NSCC Burridge Campus in Yarmouth NS to NSCC
Shelburne Campus in Shelburne NS, only a 10 minute drive further than I'm used to... I was graciously allowed a 10 month
leave of absence to take on this new challenge. PS: I'm doing great on the online course on Research Design.

Transition Update #7 (June 2014): I have been offered another one year term as Manager School of Fisheries. I have
accepted the extension. I have extended my leave of absence from teaching for another year. I have knocked off two more
course since my last post and I am wrapping up one in a few days... I get a week to prepare for next one and right back to PEI. Can't wait to see the gang again!

Transition Update #8 (January 2015): Great time in PEI last summer plus put another course to rest in the fall. Working my
way through my last full course this winter and back to present my research this summer in July 2015... for only three days!
My research on First Nations learning is going slow but extremely interesting and formative. Fortunate to be in such a great
cohort and have access to such great professors. I can see the finish line from here!

Transition Update #9 (May 2015): Finished off another course, did all my research and I am writing my final paper! I have
started my poster. Three more days in PEI and I'm done! What a great experience. Can't wait to present my research and
finish. Graduation Summer 2016...

Transition Update #10 (June 2015): Unfortunately, I have bad news. The position I'm in, Manager School of Fisheries, has
been terminated. The Dean School of Trades & Technology removed the position. I end here in Shelburne July 10th and
start in Yarmouth (Burridge Campus) July 13th. I have applied for other management positions within the college...
wish me luck!

Transition Update #11 (July 2015): Whoohoo! All done! I now have completed all requirements for my Master of Education
from UPEI. What a wonderful experience. What an awesome cohort! It was an amazing group of people... Going full force into
a new chapter in my life with a renewed confidence and sense of purpose that can only be gained through the gracious gift
of learning by self-less people opening their hearts and minds for the benefit of others. Thank you all (MEd 2013-2015
Cohort) for contributing to my self-concept. Now on to my next challenge... NSCC management.
PS: I have had one interview so far... it went well... waiting to hear back...

Transition Update #12 (May 2016): While I have had no success so far moving into management, there are exciting things happening. I attended my Masters in Education graduation at UPEI accompanied by my wife, mother and sister. Nice to see
part of our class together again. There is also talk of continuing our learning journey through UPEI with five or six of us from
our cohort wanting to explore PhD options... I am also almost half-way through the two year study hiatus I promised my wife!

Transition Update #13 (October 2017): The two years are up and I'm at it again! This time I have been accepted in NSCC Organizational Learning Leadership Essentials Program. This is a three year, 10 course program for new or aspiring leaders
at NSCC. I have already started my first course, Exploring Self as Leader. Thank you so much NSCC for providing these invaluable formative opportunities!